Editing Hype Pro 3 Published Files/Codes to Conform with SSL/HTTPS

After setting up SSL security on numerous websites/domains, I have had to manually edit all .html and .js files created/published by Hype Pro 3.6 in order to change all links from http:// to https://…if any links to images, files, or websites are via http://, then the website is being reported by Chrome, Opera, etc. as “unsafe”, but after manually changing all to https:// the sites are “safe and secure”…

I was hoping there was some way to select or set the .hype files to use https:// for all links. When I was reviewing and searching the .js files, I saw an element that defined https:// as an option, so that’s why I thought the raw .hype files could be set-up for use on secure domains.

Am I missing this option in Hype Pro? And I’ve searched these forums for similar needs…

When you embed a Tumult Hype document using the code generated by Hype itself, there are no protocols included (https or http) since the path is relative. So if you are using absolute URLs to load your Hype document then you would need to adjust those protocols to avoid any warnings. Some web servers allow automatic http --> https rewriting which overcomes this issue.

You could set yourself up for whatever protocol is used on the page by omitting the protocol altogether and embed using //domain.com/file.js – the protocol of the HTML page where that reference is included will be used in this case.

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