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Hi all!

I have a question if there is a easy way of edit texts of pictures on the run.
Lets say I have created a homepage in Hype and want to update text from an event on the run. From an iPhone for example. Is there a way to point text to a editable text file or point a picture to a updatable picture folder?

Or do you have another creative way of editing on the run? Any app you recommend?


Yes this is possible and there are a few ways to do it depending on the type of updating you need.

You can have hype functions that read a text file (.txt) javascript file with arrayed text strings (.js) or JSON files (.json)

All of these file types can be edited externally via a plain text editor and re saved. The Page would then pick up the text as directed.

Images can be just placed in an external folder and either given the same existing name as one being used or the folder contents can be looked at dynamicilly..

There are many examples on all of this on the site.

Try a search for these..

"text file"

"external text"

"external image"

"Loading text"

You get the idea..

One Example for text file loading


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You can login to your server using a SSH or FTP client:

You could find / replace the specific text you wish to edit (though this is good in a pinch, you won’t be able to reimport your edits back into Hype). This could be used to edit your externally-loaded text file, or image.

If you want to create a file easy to edit on the go which could be loaded into Hype, you could point to a raw Github file like: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/themorgantown/iBook-widgets/master/README.mdown (Click ‘raw’ on the file’s page.)

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Great input! I’ll check out the app you suggested… Im happy there is a way to edit on the run in the first place :slight_smile:


Thanks for that! I will search the words you wrote!! Great that there is a way, anyway :smile: