Edit from files?

Yesterday I made a webpage with Hype (newest version) and saved it.

Today I went back and now it won’t open the file anymore. It is also not listed in the “Recent Files” menu.

I still have the hype resources folder that it saved, and the HTML file (which is grayed out). Is there anyway that i can manually (for lack of a better term) open the website in Hype again?

Hi AngelArs!

Maybe this will be of assistance:

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There is a restore feature.
But first before you do this.

Have you quit Hype and relaunched it and tried to open the Hype file.

Have you rebooted your Mac…

What does happen when you try and open the Hype file. Do you get an error if so what.

To restore from the export.

In hype go to the help menu and down to restore from folder. (Talking from memory here as I do not have hype in front of me).
A choose dialogue will open. Navigate to where the resource folder is and select an open it. This should give you a new copy of the site in Hype.

Ah see @JimScott has put a link with the full instructions to restore.:grinning:

Doesn’t hurt to write it up. Saves having to click on a link :slight_smile:

Yep. Just I was doing it from Mem. So just in case :smiley:

THANKS guys. Appreciate the help.

What did you do in the end ???

Around 15 minutes before Jim posted I accidentally found the webpage that he linked to. The information on the page worked, but I am still a bit nervous about how I lost everything in Hype to begin with. I really like using Hype and want to become more proficient in using it. Just with there were more tutorials online.

You could also try this on the original.

Thank you Mark.