Edit a Hype code inside HTML document

Hi all!

Just started using (and loving) this program.
Was wondering why I cannot change Hype-exported items inside my html/css document.

Simple example:

I export a simple text to my html/css document.
Once in there (meaning export/import worked) i cannot change font family, color etc…

Is it normal or I’m missing something?


If you set a class on your text element, you can target its CSS style outside of Hype. So if you had a text element and you set a class of textelement using Hype’s identity inspector, you can target it by using the CSS:

.textelement {
color:rgb(120, 120, 120) !important;

You should also uncheck ‘Protect from external styles’ in the Document inspector.

example-class-css.hype.zip (11.7 KB)