Edge/IE compatibility issue - animation doesn't play at all

Hey guys - Im having some issues with a Hype carousel I’ve created. It has multiple timelines and also both video and image assets that the user can flick through - I’ve also made it responsive too but im having issues getting it to load in Microsoft edge (all versions) and Internet explorer. I’ve ensured that I have clicked 'support for i.e. 6-9, and i am featuring it within an IFrame with a fixed height, but 100% width, but it doesnt seem to display at all. Chrome, Firefox, Opera its fine - curse you Microsoft!!!

Live link: http://thesimplygroup.com/HYPE-files-all-sites/Beach_HYPE/Beach%20Carousel.html

Hype file: https://we.tl/XrdFRF6TiC

Sorry the file is quite large as it contains video elements.
Cheers all!

wich version of IE you must cover?
also IE 8 and 9?

take a look https://www.w3schools.com/browsers/browsers_explorer.asp

Apologies. Rookie mistake!!!

Edge - Microsoft Edge 41.16299.15.0
I.E - 11.0.9600

It appears to work for me using the windows VM image with both those browsers.

Is there anything reported in the web developer console logs?
Does the entire page just show up blank?
Anything else about your configuration that might help us reproduce?

hi @jonathan thanks again for responding to my query.

I installed a VM too and tested it, and for me it also works on IE and Edge… the plot thickens.

But checking on a native Windows machine, it doesn’t seem to work. It also looks like its Windows 7/I.E issue. Il see if I can dig a little deeper and provide some more refined feedback.

Il post a response when I can

Okay, keep us posted! It’d be useful to know what is in the developer console and if you can elaborate on what is specifically broken. I’d also make sure there are no plugins installed and you’re running in the non-compatibilility modes for baseline testing.