Edge Animate is dead, Flash renamed Animate

Good for Hype, I think — Edge Animate has been discontinued, and Flash Professional CC is being renamed Animate CC. While it gains new HTML export features, it looks like it’s kept Flash’s horrible (by comparison) key framing system. Edge Animate had an innovative, useful key framing system and it’s sad to see it go.

Can anyone here clarify what Hype continues to do well that Adobe are no longer offering? What features fell between the cracks in this transition?

Oh, and loving what you guys are doing with Hype 3.5 too! :slight_smile:

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Agreed. I think keyframing in Edge Animate is the best among others. I am often frustrated with Hype’s timeline control, and keyframing. It needs to be rebuilt.
As for Flash’s ? it is an inherited hell from history.

this is not a latest news, There are many Edge users unhappy with this. luckily I left edge some time ago :slight_smile: . however the new “Canvas Flash” is very interesting ( for flash users) but we must wait to see the Software.

I think this is another opportunity for hype to attract new users and the incoming 3.5 is the best reply

I agree,

Frankly flash’s keyframing system is a lot better in my opinion as if you animate e.g. an image sequence you dont need to make 50 layers but you can keep the different contents in the same layer and it stays organized, as well as the fact that hype lags a lot if i have a ton of layers when moving things around. Then if you were to put the items into a group layer i find things inside of groups dificult to click on without a) just selecting the entire group or b)slightly shifting them around because i end up having to tripple click on small elements to get the right one. It feels like illustrator groups but more difficult to modify.
When I was animating characters i had to keep resetting the cappo so i can animate individual properties from x point without it reseting the begining of the animation to frame 0 which i found very tedious. I still use hype 5 days a week as an ad developer but yeah the keyframe system does still feel too basic imo.

Hype is still the best choice for optimising the final file, even right now when exporting html5 from flash it exports huge libraries even if you don’t use them. It’s still way better than before when it exported 600kb files for 1 square in the file. Now its more like 150kb but still hype wins over easily in the optimisation part.

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In the upcoming Hype 3.5, we improve a little by allowing further zoom magnification and a mode that more easily identifies individual frames. I’d love to hear more specific feedback on what has caused frustration and what you’d like to see (or what you preferred about Edge Animate). Thanks!

Not speaking for others in this thread, but Edge Animate had a neat keyframing method no other app has used. Instead of just a single playhead, it had an optional pin too (you could turn it off). Effectively it was draggable like an second playhead, so this process worked:

  1. Start with the pin at 0:00 and the playhead at 0:00.
  2. Move the playhead to 1:00, leaving the pin at 0:00.
  3. Move a shape on the canvas, and two keyframes are recorded. The new position is recorded at the playhead, but the original position is recorded at the pin.

My issue with the way that Hype’s keyframes work is that every single one needs to be created manually. I’m far more used to the Motion and FCP X way, where you only need to create the first keyframe on a parameter, and any subsequent changes automatically add a new keyframe. If I do this in Hype I’ve just modified a previous keyframe, and that’s unlikely to be what I meant to do. Hype’s “record keyframes” function is good, but I have to remember to activate/deactivate it because I don’t usually want to create keyframes for properties I haven’t modified yet.

I can see why you’ve made the decisions you have (and quite like Hype’s animation engine), I just prefer something that’s between the two extremes, and I’m sad to see the new system in Edge Animate disappear.