eBooks Library and App Using Hype


(Wasura Edirisuriya) #1

Hi, I just wanna share my idea and can you guys tell me whether is it possible to do this. I will create interactive ebooks using hype and export them in to html files. Then I upload them to the server. Then create an app to view those hosted ebooks and once you purchase the book. The html files will download to your phone and open inside the phone in a iframe. So you can access offline. Is this possible? any suggestions.

(Jonathan Deutsch) #2

This is possible - what you’re describing is how Apple’s iBooks works :slight_smile: (and thus your effort of creating it will be similarly equivalent).

(Wasura Edirisuriya) #3

Thank you so much @jonathan > Glad to hear that its is possible. So i will learn more and try. Hype is the best. <3