Easy responsive animation



new user of Hype (still trial version). I’m impressed by the tools. But I’m a bit lost about responsive.

Do you know Revolution Slider on Wordpress ? You create the slides, with text, images, animations… of course it’s not powerful like Hype. But you do nothing and the slides adapt to the box or screen size. Everything keep its proportions, the text get smaller… There’s just nothing to do and it works fine.

I wonder if it’s possible to do this with Hype. I’m lost with the scene sizes, adding sizes, pins of objects, etc.

I read the doc and I just didn’t understandhow to configure the animation to automatically scale to the width size… :frowning:

(Andrew) #2

You could achieve this with code, but in Hype, you would create new layouts for each scene. Each layout has a breakpoint.

That said, you could just use CSS and make change the scene to 100%, rather than static pixel size.

I am saying this without ever used wordpress or it’s slider. But certainly achievable with Hype!


Hi Andrew,

thank you for your answer. Do you have any example of code to do that and how to implement it in Hype ?

(Andrew) #4

Have a look at this great example:



Sadly, it’s not auto-responsive like revolution slider. :frowning:

(Andrew) #6

If you mean auto responsive as in it changes size based on screen width, then you could use Flexable Layout.