Easy Read Information For People With Learning Disabilities

Hi all,

Here’s two projects I’ve completed using hype and some basic javascript.



I’m a nurse based in the UK and specialise in working with people with learning disabilities. Hype has allowed to create easy read information that can be sent out digitally so less need for patient contact (which is really helpful in these current times). It also reduces the cost of printing and they are for more engaging and interactive.

Check them out and let me know what you think! If you would also like to know how any parts were created let me know.




They look good. I do not know a much if anything about levels of learning Disabilities but I wonder if ‘swipe to the left to continue’ is obvious on what that means of how to do it for everyone with learning Disabilities .
(Sorry if I am doing anyone an injustice)

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I did create a version that automatically scrolled through each scene however the main use has been for a career to sit with the individual and help them navigate and answer any questions they have. Thinking about it now though ‘tap to continue’ would probably be a lot easier!

You could add to the voice over. “Tap the Button to continue” and have the button flash.

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Great idea! I’ll have to put this on my list to try :blush: thanks!

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