Dynamic pages with jQuery

I have 2 questions about dynamic pages.

  1. I use php and jquery $.ajax.
    I’m trying to return something like this in a function

    titolo0 = '<a href="'+value.link+ '" style="color:white; text-decoration:none;">'+value.title+'</a>';

to have a link on my id titolo but something is wrong. Titolo is not visible.

value.link is = “http://www…?id=22”

Which is the best solution? How can I do it?

  1. How can I put dynamic images in a timeline?


Hi @marcomiana, Can you supply your hype document? so we can see what’s happening.


Hi DBear,

I try again and now the code is ok:

var titolo0 = '<a href="'+value.tt_id+ '" style="color:white; text-decoration:none;">'+value.tt_titolo+'</a>';

But now I wonder how I can go to a link with a dynamic id.
I have a page with all my articles and I would like to choose one of these to view its detail.
Can you help me?

Hi Pat

Sorry for the delay. I’ve just seen this. By the way if you click the reply next to the message the person will be informed :slight_smile: or you can notify the person by including their username with an @ symbol.

Anyway, I appreciate what you are trying to achieve with the code you have mentioned but we need to see the whole picture. Where are you including this code? and where are the articles? are they in your resources folder or elsewhere on the web? What are you trying to do in the long run?

Hopefully I can help but I need to know a little more.