Dynamic link between objects

Hi !
I’m a beginner with Hype 4.0 and this forum is very helpful ! Thank you very much for this so much worthy contributions !-)

I have a need I’m not sure Hype would be able to fullfill …
I have a scene with two objects the user could move anywhere on the screen and I would like to draw a dynamic link between them ?

Thank you in advance if you have some ideas to do that !

Lines are not easily done in HTML and you would need a workaround that updates when stuff is moved (maybe base on the drag callback or on mutation observer).

For the basic line drawing there are some approaches on Stackoverflow:

Then I found this little library that might help as it seams to be more then just a concept


Thank you so much for your response : it’s perfect and much more simple than I guessed ! It will help me enormously !-)

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