Dynamic Content in Banners

Hi all.

I was just wondering if it is possible to build dynamic banners using Hype Pro?

So for example if i was searching for a car on a site similar to www.carsales.com.au and left the site I would be retargeted with a dynamic banner of the car I had been looking at.

Thanks for any advice.


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This is theoretical, as I’m just typing this from my iPad, but I think it’s possible. I think the trick is localstorage…

So, a value is stored when a car page is loaded. Then, when Hype is loaded, it retrieves that value from localstorage.

I say this is theoretical, as I’m not sure if JavaScript on one page can save a value that can be read by Hype on another page. If not, then I think it’s just a matter of custom JavaScript in Hype to get that value… probably with a Global Variable… like window.lastcar

To clarify, are you looking to work with a ad retargeting platform, or are you simply wanting to make changes to an item on a page based on other selections?

Note that Hype has a JavaScript API that allows for many modifications, like changing scenes or running timelines, so that can be used in conjunction with data communicated to manipulate a single document.

Thanks Johnathan,

Yeah I have been asked if I can build some Banners (300x250 and 300x600) that are basically templates, (very rough example attached), that when trafficked through Sizmek pulls information of
specific cars that the viewer has been looking at on a specific site, carsales etc.

Cheers Brett

Has anyone figured out a way to use Hype for Dynamic Content Ads (Via Sizmek) ?

I’m running into some pretty large gaps in Sizmek’s documentation.