Dynamic Color Swatches

  1. What do you want to see in Hype?
    The ability to save a color swatch and then when updating “that” swatch all applied instances of that color are also updated.

  2. Have you found a workaround for this problem?
    No and not sure of what the little grey triangle means on a swatch. Checked the docs here and could not find a definition.

  3. How high of a priority is this for you? Meh, BUT it would be a very efficient means to update a design with minimal effort.

The benefit is when you have a complicated design and need to update it’s colors. IF we had the ability to make a saved color “global”, then one change could update many elements saving a lot of time.

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Hi Steve!

Basically what You are requesting is a style sheet… not just great for global color changes but also for imported graphic elements, fonts, images, etc.

This type of feature is most valuable in what I term “long form” projects - many scenes and/or lots of elements. Often it is not just the grunt work of changing a given set of elements but also finding them when they are strewn through out a large project.

I have made this type of request in the past and it has gone nowhere. As Hype matures hopefully this situation will change.

Hey Jim,
I don’t think it’s so much as style sheet ( my current suggestion ) , though assigned classes could be used in a linked style sheet.

I’m suggesting that the Swatches have an attribute that links them where they are assigned. That means you could have a very mature application but would not need to search out those assigned colors as the single update in the swatches panel would update all linked instances. Seems simple but could have a huge impact if you need to update a large project.

I like the idea of style sheets also being able to effect elements…

I guess for now assigning a class to the color/elements will have to do.

Thanks for the feedback!

There’s two possible triangles :slight_smile:

The big one that splits across the swatch is a preview of how a non-opaque color will appear against a black background. It is part of the standard macOS color picker that Hype uses. You can change the opacity value to get a feel for that.

The smaller one in the upper-right corner has to do with the originating colorspace and can basically be ignored. There’s a bit of colorspace voodoo that Hype has to do more than other apps to keep colors sane between the color picker and its web view.