Dust or powder effect in EPUB3 format

I started a topic about dust effect here

I've exported the .hype file (below) as OAM widget and embedded it in an empty InDesign document. When I exported this document in epub3 format I only see the image of the logo and the grey dust-button.

How do I have to proceed?

Is it possible to embed this OAM widget in InDesign?

Is there a way to export these files in EPUB3 format?

dust_1.hype.zip (133.7 KB)

Yes; the easiest way is to just drag the .oam file onto your InDesign document, and then place it.

Once in InDesign, you can choose File > Export… and choose one of the EPUB formats.

I did this and opened in the Books app; the dust effect worked fine. I'm not sure what issue you might have hit if you did this procedure. Maybe you can describe what you did and what app you are using to view the epub?

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Thank you very much!
I could export your file in EPUB3 format.
What was the issue?

There was an issue with the dust effect showing in Books on macOS 12.

The problem was that the Head HTML had links to https:// resources, but the current version of Books doesn't seem to like mixing and matching remote resources with local file:/// (or more probably x-ibooks-th://) URLs. It looks like this is a security policy change from macOS 11.

The fix is to download the remote resources and just add them to your assets in the document's resources library (and remove the previous head html entries). I'm not sure if epub's spec provides some better alternative, but this solution is easy enough.

dust_1-fixed.hype.zip (252.6 KB)

Hi, is possible to make the white frame of dust transparent after the button click
dust_2-fixed.hype.zip (453.2 KB)
? Thanks in advance...

html2canvas(document.querySelector(".content"), {backgroundColor: null}).then(canvas => {

just change this codeline

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Perfect. Thanks Hans!!!!