Duplicating form field values

I’ve created a form inside a rectangle, and it’s been duplicated into the a new scene.
Is there a way to retain the value’s entered into the form when the new scene kicks in?
If it’s possible to grab the values, or even keep the form the same one without creating a new one.

Login-Form.hype.zip (88.3 KB)

Have you tried making it into a persistent symbol across scenes

Wow, easy as that! Thanks :slight_smile:
On another note, is there a problem with jumping to a time on timeline, I cant get it to work through JS or through the GUI.

I’m doing:

window.loginDoc.goToTimeInTimelineNamed(00:01:00, 'test');    

and nothing happens. I thought it might be paused so I also tried puttin this before and also after, to no avail.

    window.loginDoc.continueTimelineNamed('test', window.loginDoc.kDirectionForward, true);

I get this error in console:

function verifyLogin() {
    window.loginDoc.goToTimeInTimelineNamed(00:01:00, 'test');    
 : SyntaxError: missing ) after argument list

Can you post the doc so we can see better what you are doing…


I noticed You were using the time format of “00:01:00” for 1 second. I just switched it to an integer e.g. “1”. Decimals work also > “2.5” (seconds). This change allowed the code to work - at least in my Demo (please see below).

To keep things separate and to test just this issue I have added my own set-up in your posted example above.

In my Demo I have a button called “Run Verify” in the “Login” scene which runs the function “runVerify”:

	window.loginDoc.goToTimeInTimelineNamed(2.5, 'test');   
	window.loginDoc.continueTimelineNamed('test', window.loginDoc.kDirectionForward, true);

In the “Verify” scene I’ve placed an animated square with an indexed text field (in seconds) matched to the “Verify” scene timeline - so You can see the results of different settings in the “runVerify” function.

Hype Project: Login-Form_JHSv1.hype.zip (58.6 KB)