Duplicating a button offsets its hover state

Using Hype Pro 3.5.5 but this issue has been occuring through several versions.

When you create a button that has a hover state with a thicker border and duplicate the button, either via copy/paste or Option-drag, the hover state in the new instance of the button is offset from the position of the normal state. The original button is unaffected, just the copy of the button shows this behavior. This issue is consistent and repeatable.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Insert a new button into a blank scene
  2. Select the hover state of the button and apply a 6-pixel border.
  3. Duplicate the button via copy/paste or option-drag.
  4. Check the hover state of the duplicated button.

You can see the above process in this short demonstration video:

A sample Hype document is attached. button_issue.hype.zip (15.0 KB)

Can anyone duplicate this issue?

Hi Paul!

Yes… matching the 5px offset of the border (1px to 6px).

Changing the border to a thicker or thinner size has the same matching offset.

Nice catch.

Thanks for this report, definitely a bug.

A workaround is to ‘Edit > Duplicate’ instead of copy/paste.

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Thanks for the quick responses and confirmation. I’ll use the Edit method in the meantime.