Duplicate "On Mouse Click" actions on Mobile Chrome

I have noticed a problem with “On Mouse Click” duplicate actions on Mobile Chrome browser. If the “Use touch events” setting is activated (which is On by default) then Mobile Chrome version detects two clicks instead of one… Tested both on newest Hype3 and Hype4 versions.

You can test the attached document by opening the console in Chrome’s browser and enabling the device toolbar to simulate the mobile behaviour. Switching off the device toolbar will not show the duplication but the problem will exist on mobile devices, at least in Chrome on Android.

The problem could be solved by disabling the “Use touch events” setting or by using some other actions to detect a click/tap - for example “On Mouse Down/Touch Start” is working.

Clicks_On_Chrome_Mobile_bug.hype.zip (33.6 KB)

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This is a bug in Hype affecting Android Chrome and will be addressed in v4.0.1, out shortly.