Duplicate Layout via the Contextual Menu?

Would there ever be a ‘duplicate layout’ based on a specific layout? Right now, the way it works is by way of clicking the plus Icon and specifying the width size, but it does it in a way where it takes everything based on what layout you worked on last? What if I want to the ability to duplicate 600x500 and turn into 1280x720?
If say the hierarchy of layouts are as follows.


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Right now it takes whatever I created last and turns the canvas into 1280x720 but based on 728x90?

Or you could select the layout. Copy n paste


Also does this need to be posted in Beta ?

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True copy and paste works! I didn’t realize I can copy and paste.

It doesn’t have to be in Beta, I did because its not in the latest Hype?

No prob. I have moved it to feature request. As this does make sense to me also to have it in the Contextual.

Oh its not a solution, I just checked copy and paste only works as exactly a duplicate but when you start modifying the new duplicate like its size it effects original :slight_smile:

How so ?.

I just selected a Layout. copied n pasted. Changed some elements on the new copy. Went back to the old layout. No change there…

Did you make sure you unchecked Apply changes to matching scenes

Hype 3.6?

Select everything, Edit > Copy, Edit > Paste with animations in your new layout.

No changes have been made to this behavior.

Layouts are linked across scenes, so changing one will change the other unless this is unchecked. (It is called ‘Apply to matching layouts’ in the scene inspector.)

@petester Seems like copy + pasting the layout is your solution here yes?

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Yes it is with unchecked ‘Apply to Matching Scenes’ Thanks @MarkHunte and @Daniel