Dropdown Menu Issue

Good evening all.

I thought I had posted this the other day but perhaps it didn’t quite work

I am trying to create a dropdown menu in the top right corner in this animation: http://www.affco.co.nz/beef-carcass-breakout/

I have got the animation to work on its own timeline on mouse over and it hides again on mouse out … The issue I am having is that when you mouse over any of the menu items it is seen as a mouse out and closes the event. When you click on any of the menu items I am wanting it to run other timelines that create a popup type window (already working)

Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated

Many thanks


I can only make assumptions on how you are doing your menu. As you have not posted the project.

So here is and example of how I would do it. The Menu elements drop down using a timeline triggered by the Mouse events.

All the Menu Elements are inside a Group. (Which is effectively a containing div).

The Mouse Events are triggered by the Groups Mouse over/out. Which means all the menu elements will be inside the Mover/out events

DropDownMenuExample.hypetemplate.zip (22.0 KB)

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