Dropbox export re-uploads all content every time?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but when you hit Export as HTML5 to Dropbox, it seems the whole content is being fully re-uploaded directly to Dropbox, which might take ages?

If I rather choose to export to folder and select the folder created in previous export, it seems to be much faster - generally Dropbox is pretty good at recognizing file diffs and uploading only the diff data. I.e. especially the big assets are not being re-uploaded.

Is my understanding correct? Thanks

That is true – here’s one way to speed this up. After your first export, you’ll see if you click on the Dropbox icon where those files are going. Hype uses Dropbox > Apps > Hype > Export > DocumentName as the folder structure.

If you move those files into Dropbox > Public (on your computer – not in the web interface), you can ctrl + click on the .html file to get the public URL of your document. Then, when you export to that folder for subsequent changes, only the modifications will be reuploaded. This requires that for your next export (or even your first export) that you export as File > Export as HTML5 > Folder – and select your Dropbox Public folder.

We are working under the constraints of the Dropbox API unfortunately.

Actually you don’t need to move it to Public. The Apps folder works the same as Public, it seems. You just need to be exporting to that Apps/Hype/Export/DocumentName folder after the initial Dropbox upload - couldn’t this actually be automated in Hype? Because the subsequent exports might not need any Dropbox API calls in this case…

To save a file somewhere on your computer, you would need to give Hype explicit permission as part of sandboxing/security requirements, so the workflow would be almost exactly the same (and maybe a bit harder):

  1. Export to Dropbox
  2. Export to Dropbox #2
  3. File picker loads and the user needs to then find the correct folder where the Dropbox file was previously saved
  4. Copy URL from step #1.

A lot could go wrong in this flow, but we are definitely interested in finding ways to make this work better and we’ll keep an eye on Dropbox’s support for this feature.

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