Drop down menu opening with sub menu and texts box

Hello folks,
I would like to create a"drop down menu opening with sub menu and texts."
It would be similar to Tumult Hype Forum (as the four gray lines are pressed, menu opens). Please the attached, screenshot.



For this one, the simplest construction is probably to put the menu contents in a group. The group can have its Display property set to hidden. When you click the menu button, it would run a timeline that animates changing the display property to visible.

There are several different ways to do toggling, but I'd probably just make it easy and have the menu contents group place a button over your open menu button, and this one would just run the same timeline in reverse to effectively close the menu. You'd probably want actions on the inner group elements also to call this timeline in reverse to close the menu.

Does that get you where you want to be? There are several different ways to go about making drop menus in Hype; I think searching for drop menu will reveal a lot of posts on the topic!

Thanks a million Jonathan!

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