Dreamviewer / Bootstrap and Hype 3

(Giovanni) #1

Hi all,

Im new on Hype and im really surprised how fast and easy i can creat an animation on it.
I just got one problem… i have export my project in the same folder of my html files and put the 3 lines
in my index.html.

If i start a preview i can’t see nothing.

Can maybe some one help me find out where the Problem is?

Thx a lot.

Kind regards Giovanni


This is because your Hype animation does not have a pixel-based height. (You have ‘scale’ set to 100% in the document inspector).

Since it is within a col-lg-12, which has no set height, it doesn’t know how much available space can be used for the document’s height. Can you get by without setting a responsive height?


beat me to it! :slight_smile:

(Giovanni) #4

Hi Daniel

Thx for your replay.
I have try it but still didn’t work.
I have give the col-lg-12 a height of 100% but still didn’t appear nothing.

:-/ i don’t understand where the problem is…

Thx for your help.


I recommend setting min-height: 400px; also – it really needs a pixel-based height, not a percentage-based height.

(Giovanni) #6

Hi Daniel

Yeah i have try it now with Pixels and it works :slight_smile:
hmm i need to looks now how i can do it responsive.

But thank you very much for your help :slight_smile:

Kind regards.