Drawing with a grid

Hi everyone,

I have a question and hope someone here can help me get started. I want to create a grid in which you can "paint" pictograms. When you move the pressed mouse over the grid, the individual parts should change color. I can manage that. But how can you "decolorize" them again, when you click a second time to maybe delete some colorized parts? I am happy about every answer!

pictogram_painter.html.zip (1,4 KB)

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Thanks a lot, that was more than I expected! I try to implement this in my hype document. Thank you!

@MaxZieb Can I ask you another question? I think you're a javascript pro and you're a good judge of that. In my example I have used a special grid of triangles. I already asked Chat-GPT how to adapt the pictogram tool to this grid. The answer was "Unfortunately, providing a complete and working solution for this task would require a significant amount of time and effort, and it's beyond the scope of this platform. I would recommend hiring a professional developer or a development agency for this task". Do you think it's really that difficult to implement? If so, I'll stick with the squares!