Drawing Tool or Pen Tool

(laggarto) #1

Have you thought of a drawing tool or Pen tool in the next release of Hype?


(Jonathan Luna) #2

I myself would love to see hype evil on two ends. more vector control via a Pen tool the ability to mask shapes and so forth. or another possible path would be to work as native tool to work with sketch files. they can run custom java functions as well this would make a insanely powerful pair!!

(stephen) #3

Thanks for the suggestions! Shapes and masking are definitely something we have been considering.

(Jonathan Luna) #4

Awesome, I absolutely love the approach hype is taking in the direction of time line controlled html animation. HTML5 is a powerful platform with a very bright future ahead of it, especially with tools like hype. It would be amazing to see it evolve from a time line animator to more of a full ide with more control over html and css. But for the near future it would be nice to have form input elements that are drag and drop and easy to customize.

(maxpiantoni) #5

I’d love to see a bezier pen tool for creating custom shapes. With the ability to add keyframes for each point of the tool, for creating animated shapeshifting stuff.

(Freelancer) #6

in this topic you can find an example made by @drewbullen