Dragging an element multiple times?


I am working on an exercise where the user has to drag about 30 different nametags onto a diagram. There is no right answer, so no specified drop point. The user is just instructed to take a screenshot when they're satisfied with their placement.

I've used the Action > On Drag > Control Element position to allow the user to move the name tags onto the diagram, but I've found that the location of the draggable elements is locked once a name tag is dragged, so the user can't tweak their placement.

What is the best way to enable the user to be able to drag and drop an item multiple times?

Thanks in advance!

you should be able to drag as often as you want ... so how do you manage the drag and drop?

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Thank you so much for your response, Hans! This made me look a little deeper and test it a little more. It was to do with the stacking order - I found that when there a folder on on top of the draggable items which had items inside it hidden, but the folder itself wasn't hidden. A few tweaks and now everything is draggable multiple times! thanks again!