Drag within the timeline and within the viewport :)

Hi guys,

So i want to follow a river on a map.
I made a simple animation and i let the user drag left / right to control the timeline. It works quite nicely on desktop or mobiles /tablet.
Along that river i wanna display a few places. In Hype editor, the places are well centered. But when i try with several devices / windows size, sometimes some places are not visible in the viewport. I would like to keep them mostly at the center of the screen(s).
Sometimes the map itself goes off-screen !
I’ve tried several options for my group scaling and pinning but i’m still stuck.
Do you have any ideas to improve that ?
Should i create several layouts ? Then how can i deal with portrait or landscape mode ?
Watch my example file if you want :slight_smile:
test-scroll.zip (421.5 KB)


Finally i found a solution. So i want to thank myself :slight_smile:
It was easy.

All my animation was gathered inside a group. That moving group had the flexible/responsive settings. I though that i could remove those responsive settings and try to put that group in another group and set the responsive options for that last group.
And now i’m happy.
If you’re curious here is the example
test-scroll 2.zip (431.1 KB)

And please, forgive my scrummy crummy english !