Drag on a specified path.hype


Is there a possibility for Hype to do something like the attached example? I want the kid to follow the letter path with his finger and learn the right way to write the letters.

thank you in advance

drag on a specified path.hype.zip (35.9 KB)

Just a small thing without coding. hope you like it.drag on a specified path wasu.zip (74.9 KB)

I am not sure that works as you will only drag up or down…

Thank you for your help but I need more accuracy.

Hi. I 've downloaded the file but it isn’t exactly what I need. Wasura was very close but it needs to have a better accuracy. The kid must be able to trace on the letter by dragging its finger to the right direction –path.

@wasura’s example is probably the best you’ll be able to do without code. Otherwise you’ll need some amount of custom javascript.

Thank you Jonathan. I don’t know to write code. I will see what I can do.

You can do like this. Create two layers one is the S image right… put that one below and create another white rectangle as an alpha layer to S image use photoshop for that. Top layer disable the finger touches. soo use same actions that i ve used previous project to the below layer. so your finger must go through the path to animate if it touches the rectangle it want animate. i hope you got that. the trick is the two layers one is S png image other image is alpha inverted matte of the S image. This is something that came to my mind i didnt test this but i think it should work you can try.

two layers

top alpha layer and disable the touches.

I 'm sorry for the delayed answer.

I 've tried your nice idea but unfortunately it doesn’t work, or maybe I do something wrong. In the new file I have a hidden layer of the circle, that I 've tried to move the circle inside the letter as a controllable element with the alpha mask of the letter that you told me. It doesn’t work too. If I could set the boundaries of the letter so the circle remains inside the letter, maybe it could be a solution?
drag on a specified path new.hype.zip (63.8 KB)