Drag on a single axis

Hi Guys,

I have looked but can’t find an answer to this. I would like to be able to drag an item up and down but needs to keep it fixed left and right.

Any help please

You can give the element a starting Origin (Top) and an end Origin (Top) on a timeline. Then in the Actions -> On Drag, use the control timeline. Axis = Vertical , continue Drag unchecked.

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Thank you so much. That worked.

Another question on this. If I want the same item to not only be dragged up and down but on click it must move up and on click again must move down, how would I do that.

IE. I want to be able to drag and click the item to perform up and down motion

Have a look at this.

Thank you, If I am totally honest, it worked but I have no clue why.

Any possibility you can explain the reasoning behind each step so I can clarify in my head how and why it works?

It is all there in the diagram…

But basically .

The timeline animation :

First click:
continues up to the first keyframe action, pause timeline (00:00.18).

Second click:
continues from (00:00.18) , i.e it now goes past (00:00.18) and then at next keyframe action (00:00.20), it jumps back to (00:00.18) and then starts playing the timeline in reverse.

Thank you :slight_smile: