Drag N Drop Upload to php

Has anyone used dropzoneJs successfully. I can’t seem to find any examples but have played around with other drag and drop examples from here. I have no problem with php and a simple html form… but as soon as i drop something on the mark zone, it results in showing off the file i dropped locally, instead of being recognized.

I will make an example to show what i have tried to do. I did it in a big project, so will get something here soon… but for the time being does anyone else use any type of drag and drop upload?


Are you testing locally on MAMP / WAMP?

PHP is server side scripting. You need a server that can run PHP.

On WAMP :slight_smile:

Yes… no problems there! Love PHP and have lots of site servers too! :smile:

okely dokely

Just to clarify. You’ve tried using PHP and a simple form?

and it’s working this way?

If so … ?
if not, try making sure your php.ini has file_uploads = on

Yes I have tested out the script. Works no problems with a regular html form and php receiver.

I have put together the innerHTML and drop zone in example and included the css, js, and php file.

DragDropFileUpload.zip (27.5 KB)

I have had a break thru today with this script. Will post the answer here soon. Drag n Drop and upload almost complete. Stayed up way to late last night… Scripts that can drive a person to wits end. Then the next day you wake up and try something different, and viola, the script works… :slight_smile: Thanks for any one why attempted!

curious how this progressed