Drag element off screen (drag away)

I have a FAB like element. I would like to give the user the ability to drag it away if they’d like to dismiss it. Meaning that the element would be dragged out of the scene. Doesn’t anyone know if this is possible?

There’s two mechanisms preventing this - Hype sets the overflow for scenes (content outside of its bounds) to hidden and also the On Drag Control Element Position by default restricts the drag position to the boundaries of the scene. While you could override the style Hype sets, I don’t think there’s any good way to override the drag position restriction.

One workaround is to turn on Flexible Layout by checking the Scale Width/Height 100% checkboxes in the Scene Inspector. This will make the bounds be the entire window. You may need to reposition content, and also based on what you are containing the document in may not work since I still don’t think it will exceed its bounds.

The other workaround would probably be to pop the element out of Hype’s element hierarchy temporarily and you probably would also need to use other dragging code.

I seem to be somewhat able to fake it with an on drag control timeline in reverse. I think it maybe good enough for a prototype.