Drag & Drop Text


(Steve) #1

I am trying to create a project that will allow the user to drag and drop from a library list to a drop zone form. Is it possible to create this, where do I begin. I have tried to mock it up…
dragNDropText.hype.zip (29.0 KB)


Hi Steve!

Is there a reason why You need the text to be dragged to a drop zone - as opposed to a simple click on the desired line of text to transfer it?

(Steve) #3

This is a very good question. to be able to drag, easy user movements, sort later in the form box.
However I am open to other angles.


Hi Steve!

When I am the end user I really like “easy” when it come to repetitive motion - the minimum amount of effort to complete the task. I do not see any advantage to drag’n drop here; instead find it a more cumbersome procedure compared to a click-based interface.

Note: the demo below is not fully formed code. It is intended to show the concept.

The “Click Interface” project: textTransfer_JHS.hype.zip (23.5 KB) - Demo here.


Another thought…

You could code it so the selected text animated and slid across from the “Library” to the “Stack”. Currently the various text entries are all divs; just use Hype’s Get & Set API to animate the “top” & “left” of the div from the “Library” to the correct location in the “Stack”. A 1.5 or 2 second duration for the animation would probably work well.