Drag and drop using physics

Hi guys im trying to make a maze game where the ball goes into the hole, now dropping it off the screen is easy enough but how would i make the ball draggable by using gravity and then when it rolls over a drop point i use it as a function to play a scene or timeline. this game is for iphone so you need to lock the screen before you play (sucks i know but can figure that out later), and then just move the phone around, the blue circle in the blue circle, red square into red square.

ball maze.hype.zip (72.2 KB)

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Triggering an event would take some sort of javascript to make a collision and that is a popular request.
As far as making a pocket or hole for the ball to drop into you need to do some work with the artwork and layer it so it creates a level that hides the ball or square check out
pinball_bucket.hype.zip (269.0 KB)

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Hi Nick thanks for the fast reply, i was playing around your pinball bucket, but it also doesnt change score when the ball drops.

Sorry you looking for the same type of thing only saw that now in the points accumulation techniques sub section.

It is set to detect the collision and only works on one element. ball drops and score goes up to 3000
That is as far as it got during the beta.
This was meant to showcase an element dropping into an element and we all messed around trying to come up with a good collision system but it is still not there as of today.
That is the Holy Grail of Hype Pro though.
Whoever finds it and shares will be seen as the king of Hype :wink:

Cool, i dont know much about coding but i love a challenge (and being called king would be pretty cool too) :blush:. thanks again for the help

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