Drag and drop on mobile devices

I have gone through as many drag and drop threads as I can and I have also looked for answers elsewhere but I can’t seem to get drag and drop working for mobile devices - maybe I’m overlooking something very simple?

It works fine on desktop browsers but so far I have tried it with mobile safari on iPad and it just won’t work.

I thought jquery touch punch would solve my problem but it hasn’t - any help/feedback would be greatly appreciated - many thanks.

I have attached the file I was working on - and here is a link to an online version: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/34582782/Eire_drag_drop/Eire_drag_drop.html
Eire_drag.zip (231.8 KB)

Sorry - it’s a map of Ireland with the names of major cities in Irish - if anyone gets it working, just drag names to the places with the most lights :slight_smile:

What is the goal besides drag and drop?
Does the drop need to trigger an event?

Hmm, this was able to work for me; on both my iPhone and iPad I could successfully drag Béal Feirste and have it drop in the correct zone.