Drag and Drop falls over in responsive mode


I’m using a fair amount of drag and drop elements in my project.

Problem is, when I alter the screen size - ie: enlarge or go full screen, the mouse falls out of sync with the object being dragged.

Can the mouse speed be altered to compensate or have I missed something obvious?

Thanks in advance

There is a known issue where this can occur if you are using scaling or zoom contents this can occur. If possible, instead try resizing with width or using the non zoom-contents flexible layout options to avoid the issue. If this doesn’t apply to your document, please feel free to send a zip of your .hype document along with any instructions to help reproduce and we can take a closer look.

will this be fixed in next version¿

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It is on my plate to attempt a fix for the next version, but I can’t make any promises since it is a semi-complex problem.

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ok :slight_smile: