Drag and Drop doesn't work on iPad

Hi everyone!
I need help :slight_smile: I’m new at this and I made this Drag and Drop Test using one of the examples in this forum. It works fine in Desktop, but I need to use it in an iPad and it’s not working. It doesn’t drag the items.
What did I do wrong?

dragAndDropMany.zip (442.6 KB)

You can use the touchpunch library to get this working (I added it to the head).

dragAndDropMany 2.zip (446.5 KB)

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Hi Daniel!
Thanks for your help. I try this on iPad and iPhone and didn’t work. But in Android it works fine. It seems like it’s a problem with Apple.

Hmm strange. Works great for me on iOS.


Do you see any errors in Safari’s console? Here’s how you can get console errors shown in Mobile Safari: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zoDXvuEtXco

i’d try over here … How do you make an element draggable?

if you can stay with pure hypefunctionality within hypeprojects … it’s the best route to take :slight_smile:dragAndDropMany_vers002.hype.zip (296.6 KB)


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Thanks guys for your help! but I’m having two problems in IOS know. I checked them in the Hype Reflect and happens the same.

1- This Drag and Drop makes the circle go back to its original position if the answer is wrong (If you don’t drag in the correct answer). But in iPad and iPhone sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn’t.

2- The first time you drag in a wrong place, it goes back to the original position, but if you touch again this circle, it goes to another position that it’s not where the finger is. It’s like it doesn’t recognize where the finger is.

which one ? :slight_smile:

Sorry! My first 2 questions where for Daniel jaja

But for you @h_classen , How can I add a “correct” message when everything is in the right position?

Thanks so much!!

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@h_classen sorry! I found it in your post, I thought I have to configure the number of drag elements but it wasn’t! Thanks so much, works fine! :grin:


great :slight_smile:

I'm seeing both of these issues as well. It seems like the element position is getting confused. Since Hype and Jquery are both (at different points) handling element position at different times I'm not sure how to resolve this. Maybe try turning off 'drag' in the Action inspector for elements? And just rely in jQuery's handling?