Download old versions of Hype?

Is there a repository of old versions of Hype available?

I’m specifically looking for version 248.


I’m curious why you specifically need 248 (aka v2.0.2)?

We keep the latest major releases at these URLs:


But you can also get to specific versions like:

Note that we do not support this version anymore.

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He's looking for someone to go back in time with him. Safety is not guaranteed.


I wanted to use the “Restore Document from Export” and it didn’t work in the latest version so wanted to see if the version the hype was originally exported from would work. Sadly it doesn’t work as the Restore option isn’t available in 248.

Hi Billy. The “Restore Document from Export” needs a file that would look like this:

which would be inside your .hypresources folder as well as the .hyperesources content.

Do you have this file? I suspect not if your document came from 248 (v2.0.2) as you have stated that the option isn’t available in 248.

What’s your reason for restoring from this document. Perhaps there is another way we can achieve what you want to do :wink:

Yeh its missing the plist file. Feature probably wasn’t implemented in that version.

I wanted to be able to edit the hype as it has quite a few scenes and I didn’t want to remake the whole thing!

We have a in-house tool for older versions that may work. I sent you a PM.


Correct, this was introduced in 2.5.0 (aka build number 322). However do send @daniel a copy of your export, prior to 2.5.0 we had an internal tool that could sometimes restore a decent amount of the document.

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