Download links Error when using Wordpress Plugin


We are using the wordpressplugin to have some Hype in our WP sites.
Everything works fine, exept some Download links to .zip files.
They were set wrong. Is this a known issue, or are we doing something wrong?

The relative URL might have changed -- if you're pointing to a full/absolute url, than it should still work the same (for example,

Can you share a URL of where your document is hosted?

The document is located in the "hyperesources" folder


This would work if you loaded the Hype document as an 'iframe', but the relative URL won't work if you are loading this as a DIV. I recommend uploading the zip file to your Wordpress site's media library and reference it using the full URL (or switchin to 'iframe') in the plugin's dashboard and clicking 'update' for that entry.

Wordpress is setting the URL of that page to be:

The actual location of the Hype document's resources folder:

The location of the zip file is: (So you could use that, as long as you 'replace' the oam with the new one and use the name 'demo' again during export.)

But I think for keeping things easier to manage you should manage that file with WP's media uploader.