Doubleclick Template

Does anyone have a Hype Template for doubleclick studio? I’ve tried making a banner in Hype and added the enabler… clicktag etc which all seems to be working offline but when I upload the banner to DC Studio it appears blank???

Any ideas? :frowning:

EDIT: Noticed it’s the Hype runtime when I try and link to it via Sizmek’s server using https:// it still gets blocked so had to include it locally and it now loads fine. Bit annoying when I’m trying to reduce file size though!

Double click only allows the loading of .js files from certain domains – it prefers to load all content from its own servers, or trusted servers (Google’s CDN / Google Fonts). I’m having trouble finding the list of approved domains, but it is somewhere in the DC support site. You should see an error in the browser’s console while previewing that shows the exact error being thrown.

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Thanks yes this is how I suspected something was wrong with the runtime file being rejected. Good to know! I normally handcode my projects so am still finding my way around Hype. The one other issue that find issues with is if I assign a
svg clip-path or mask I can’t animate the mask position without going to javascript as it doesn’t follow the position of the container.

What is your max Filesize and can we see the Banner you are trying to reduce?

Are you using the DCM validator or the Sizmek one? These Validators will tell you what needs to be changed or is missing.

Are you Certified as a creative for making banners at Sizmek and DoubleClick?

It is a long road but will help in the future.

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I think this is a translation issue :slight_smile: