DoubleClick studio vs Hype

Hi. I have to project some ad campaigns: usually I use Hype with DCM export, but my client asks me to use Double Click Studio ( I’ve never use it, but I think this cannot be not so much different from Hype.
Anyone have some feedback about? Does anyone have tried Double Clic studio? Can I insist to my client to use Hype or does it have some special function that hype doesn’t have?
Any help is welcome, tnx in advance

DCS is a Plattform and offers creative services. You can create your own ads and add zones that can be edited (templates) and there are also pre made templates you just fill with simple content. In general you have to determine if you should just upload single use ads and manage a DCS campaign or if the client actually wants reusable ad templates made by you or ready templates from a DCS solution . That’s not clear from what you wrote.

Tnx MaxZieb for you answer.
Actually I don’t know, and my opinion is that even the client knows. They asked me DCS because the agency before me probably used that one.
We are making according on price and workflow. I would like to use Hype, because I use it from a long long time, and I have no time to learn a new App for the same workflow, so I have to understand all the differences before the meeting on Monday.
Every other comment will be helpful

I am going to reply from a business standpoint. Are you willing to risk losing money on this? Are you going to price it the same as if you did it in Hype? Or are you going to be able to do it for a reasonable hourly rate, with your client knowing that they will be paying you to learn Double Click, and even though they may say they are good with that, will they change their mind when they found out what your learning curve costs them? so will they try to either break the contract or make your life hard because of the costs?

I have been there, I took a summer job working for a friends’ company last summer. He is very anti-Mac and thinks the Joomla content management system is a gift from heaven. He is always looking for what he firmly believes will be a cheaper alternative.

He hired me, working on his Windows machines, learning Joomla, and I gave him my best. He was very impressed with the quality of the images that I used for the catalog pages (I have 30 years experience in Photoshop/Pixelmator and I know what works for the web.

But I could tell that, even though he loved the look, he could never get over his belief that somehow it could be done cheaper. In other words, after I was done, he could then use an office intern to take over what I was doing.

Which is what happened after I went back to my school system job. The person he hired tried to manage images using the standard apps that are on Windows 10. (which actually is a stable operating system) And she is doing Windows screen shots or generic downloads of images, and they don’t look the same. And struggling mightily with Joomla because all it is is a filing system for various containers of content. Dozens of bad themes are available (he always wants the free ones) and they all handle content in slightly different ways.

I fix some images for free for his employee who is a friend, but thats not a good habit to get into.

The webpage, day by day, is beginning to look just as generic as when I got there.

So…think all these things through and decide if you want the project that badly. Could be a black hole, and I would bet that your potential client is always going to wanting you to do more for less?

I could be wrong. I get requests from friends to please help them with the “free” do it yourself websites, “it will just take a few minutes”…etc etc etc.

It won’t.

Or it could be a good learning experience. It was for me, but only once.

@TKDblackbelt and @1802
Thanks for sharing. Learning on the job is not ideal and actually should be paid by the employer by sending his employees to (advanced) training. Now we live in a fast paced world and you got a lot of self employed and freelancer. Some rhetorical questions in latter circumstance: Are you willing to sit down on your own time and learn stuff by your self? Try todo this from time to time. Then again learning on the job is sometimes not avoidable and you should have a bit of wiggle room in the timing to actually not get stressed. Also some retreat space (work from your own office) to actually not have your employer look over your should all the time.

When I got into DCS I had a ruffly similar situation and just made myself an account and played around with the system in advance to see what is possible (creating a campaing, setting up deployment, testing an ad). Also while your trying to get a DCS campaign ready it is checked by multiple automated tests and then finally gets sent to be supervised by an actual peer review with a human staffer (Quality Assurance short Q&A). Also they got a lot of reading material on the process here and here

Hope this helps.

Hi TKDblackbelt.
Your case is curios, but I hope this is not my case. I agree on you point of view, I have same problema with a lot of my clients, but in this case the problem is that the agency that call me have NO IDEA on what is this work. They want the work (some banner campaigns) and they want in the same way that last agency worked (DCM Studio). They have no ideas about software, ability, professionally or something else.
They want this solution because in the past someone use that one.
A bad story, I know, but business is business, and I have to considering the idea.

I understand completely, it sounds familiar.