DoubleClick banners

Really want to buy this app, but not convinced it will work with DoubleClick

Has anyone had any success with banner ads.
Have tried to check banner through DoubleClick validator (see errors)

Missing click tag check
No click tag was detected within this file. You must include at least one click tag in your HTML file in order to set a click-through URL for your creative. Reach out to the creative developer to resolve this issue by adding a click tag to the creative.

More details:
Source: CLICK_TAG_MISSING found in Default/Default.html

Zip file contents check
The creative contains a file type that isn’t supported by DCM. Supported file types are HTML, HTM, JS, CSS, JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, JSON, XML, and SVG. To resolve this issue, contact the creative developer and request that any other file types are removed or replaced.

More details:
Source: FILE_TYPE_INVALID found in Default/Default.hyperesources/37863A-restorable.plist

Should be able to fix click tag issue.
Appears that .hyperesources is the problem. Is there a way around this.
FILE_TYPE_INVALID found in Default/Default.hyperesources/37863A-restorable.plist

Please could a legend create some templates that will pass the test.

In all modesty Daniel from Tumult also helped with selecting the right Macro from Google API.

One needs to do 4 things in Hype to set up a basic Creative.

1 Banner size Meta Tag
Add this in the Head-HTML of your document and change the values to the correct size of your banner:
<meta name="ad.size" content="width=300,height=250">

2 clickTag var
Add this also to your Head-HTML of your document:
<script type="text/javascript"> var clickTag = "%%DEST_URL_ESC%%"; </script>

3 Creating the trigger
Create a Javascript function in Hype with the following code:
function clickTag(hypedocument, element, event) { }
the only code needed is the sentence in the middle. Hype functions create the rest:
After doing that you need to create a button or select an element on your canvas and set an action. to make this button/rectangle call the function clickTag one must go to the in the actions panel (keycommand #6) and select onClick.

4 Cleaning for Google
On export Hype generates a js.script that plays your animation. It can be found on the body-section inside of the html-file. It will look similar like this:
<script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8" src="728x090_banner_wnk_rgb_rz3.hyperesources/728x090bannerwnkrgbrz3_hype_generated_script.js?13937"

Remove the ?-code after the *.js in this line. Save your html-file. Zip it once more and then upload to one of the two Validators Google uses to check if your creatives.

Validator 1 | Adwords (ADW)
Validator 2 | Double Click Manager (DCM)

I have added an example banner in this message. (102.9 KB)

Hope this helps and gets you over the line to join us on the Hype frontier. Your two error messages are solved.


Awesome. It worked. Passed test on Double Click validator

Just has to delete a few random file from Standard.hyperesources folder

Thank you.

Turn off ‘create offline application cache’ in the Document Inspector.

During Advanced Export, use these settings: and blank.gif are for IE6-9 support.

… is generated when you have ‘Create restorable document file’ checked.

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Thanks everyone

I’m using this topic to ask a short question about the meta tag in the head. Would it be possible to make said tag variable?

For example:
<meta name="ad.size" content="width=[get-scene-width],height=[get-scene-height]">?

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Yes, there will be a way to do this in the upcoming version of Hype.


Excellent! That was on my wishlist too! Adobe Animate has this capability, but I’ll bet you guys can implement it better. Can’t wait.

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Is there a manual way to add add ExitAPI code to an element (ie. a replay button)? Thanks!

Hype 3.6 has a feature called Export Scripts; on that page you can download plugins that will help exporting Hype documents in formats for DoubleClick Studio and DoubleClick Campaign Manager. These include actions so that on button clicks you can perform an Exit.

You said “manual way,” so if you’re looking from more of a code perspective, my recommendation would be:

  1. In the Head HTML create a javascript function that will call Enabler.exit() and includes the identifier/optional URL
  2. For your element, create an On Mouse Click action that is set to run javascript. Have this javascript call the function made in step 1.

The reason for the slight indirection is that the handler javascript is obscured from how DoubleClick analyzes the document to find exit identifiers. By putting it in the head it can be found.

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