Double "Scrollbar" on right side of a iFrame

Hello everybody,
I'm in the final stages of a project, where you helped me greatly. My problem is that I end up with two “scroll bars”, side by side or simply superimposed. The “scroll bar”, on the far right, moves the whole painting (interior) and the “scroll bar” on the right of the painting itself moves
the central table as planned. I can't get rid of the unwanted scroll bar. I completely overhauled the CSS, with Whisk doing a remarkable job.
Anyone have a suggestion?
Thanks in advance.
(example included) (93.3 KB)

The issue is stems from the .tableFixHead height of 686px (line 4 of panier_gestion.css). This makes the size of the document in the HTML Widget exceed the bounds of the element. Thus you have a scrollbar for the HTML Widget (iframe) document, and then another scrollbar on the table itself (expected).

There are several ways to fix this:

  • Change the height value
  • Change the bounds of the HTML Widget to be taller
  • Add an Additional HTML Attribute in Hype's Identity Inspector with key scrolling and value no (this is part of the iframe spec)
  • Make some other CSS that turns off scrolling/overflow on the body for the inner html document

Thank you Jonathan for such fast return. I should have ask before.
I’m not in front of my Mac right now but i can’t wait apply your suggestions.
I keep you posted!

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