Double Click HTML5 Exits not working


I am doing my first banner with Hype, although I have done hundreds in Edge Animate.

The issue Im having is when I upload to DC studio, it says I need to define at least one exit. My creative works fine when testing on, but not in DC Studio.

I have even tried using the bootsad example (completely unchanged), and publishing and uploading that. But even that shows as not having any exits defined. Anyone else having issues?


How are you currently defining your exit (in code + in Hype?)

Here’s the recommendation for handling exits: (which is easier if you have hard-coded exits).

Thanks for the reply Daniel.

Note that I used your bootsad example, completely unchanged.
Works on but not on

Thanks in advance

The annoying part about Double Click has been that it is such a moving target, so I recommend following their support guides (and following the spirit of my implementation) and seeing if you continue to receive errors. Their guide starts here: (and this url will likely be broken within the month :stuck_out_tongue: )

If that continues to not work, can you let me know the error you see in your ad? And perhaps a code sample? It is entirely possible that my guides need updating even though I did my best to future proof the guide I have prepared. Are you working off of this one?