DOMContententLoaded | Feature für the Banner community

Lot of Adserver want us to build in a Browser event: DOMContentLoaded.

It would be great if the Hype team build in this event as a feature, so non coders can set a timeout value.

Here is the request from a Adserver in Germany:
Search for: Guidelines on the loading procedure

I would see it like a feature in the document-panel. You can select the DOMContentLoaded event and set the timeout an Adserver wants. Below that an option where users can set a fallback image.

Just thinking out load here.

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Thanks for the request, this definitely makes sense. Nice to see this event is widely supported.

This event would actually be sometimes fired before the load of Hype’s ‘SceneLoad’ since Hype injects into the DOM after the DOM is parsed initially.

Is it possible that the hype HTML(injected into an iframe) could scan up the HTML tree and and checked of the Master-HTML DOM ist parsed?
But I think that is impossible, therefore a build in timeout event would be good. But this we can generate ourselves via a js function.

I don’t think so, unless you had a snippet of code setup in both the child and the parent.

This falls under the sandbox security. You can communicate via postMessage but this is mostly not possible if you don’t control the host document. Hence ad server do have access to both ends of the equation and therefore often offer support for syncing wallpaper ads made up of multiple slots and offer other “communication” means. Update: double post removed Duo to connectivity problems