DOM refresh on scene change


I’ve built a 30 slides presentation in Hype 3.5. Now I need to create 25 different language version for it (I know, a lot!). I’ve built javascript function that takes language file and substitutes html within all text classes with a specific language version. That works brilliant. Now, I’ve noticed html updates on every scene change and on every scene change it reverts back to original language file - easy fix is to run language reload function again but things are getting a bit slow at that point… that’s because html updates during screne transition and transitions between slides look horrible.

Is there any way I can update DOM once and that change will carry on across all slides and won’t change during scene change?

hi Lukas,

to avoid this default behaviour what about wrapping the whole scenebunch into a persistent symbol. (each scenecontent = persistent symbol)
those can persist and remain. may be crude, didn’t test it …

nice day :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’ve tried it but it doesn’t seem to work…

works when initialized once. (22.8 KB)

good luck! now it depends on how much effort it for you to change your file :wink:

As a canonical FYI - Part of Hype’s scene loading is to reset all content, including inner HTML content.