Does Tumult Forums have a slack?

Question in the title!

I think it would be great to have constant contact with people who work on the same things, maybe a channel for each different section you work in ?

If there isnt, would anyone be interested in starting one with me? I would love to be able to give and receive feedback and advice from people and see everyones recent work :slight_smile:

No but a Discourse ( :wink:

wow 100$ a month!.. I am assuming there is more to this than just a combined chat service?.. or is gain of joining a community and with experience the reason for it :P?

You can self host … source is open source.

Sorry I am a bit confused, I have downloaded and github repositories for websites, however if this is a live chat/forum service how do I keep constant conversations going without pushing constantly?

… please don’t reply if this is a stupid question…

Should I follow this?

We don’t plan on a chat room. This website you’re on right now ( is forum software we manage – We use Discourse, which has some chat-like features. I think these forums are about as real time as you can get while keeping the quality of conversations high.

It also has an app on the Appstore (iOS) that sends you notifications if your into that… search for “Discourse” on the Appstore (iOS). Install that app and enter the Forum URL and your credentials from here and it should work… You will always be distracted with fun thing about Hype instead of working. :slight_smile:

Oh! I just realized I missunderstud your comment. This is the Software Hype uses for this Forum… I just wanted to point that out to you. You don't have to register there or pay anything to participate here… expect with the withering blossoms of your life flowers :wink:

??? :smiley: :confused: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

@tekkon I would say that this forum (which is a version Discourse and free ... which you already know as you're on here :smiley: ) is probably enough of a platform for discussion and keeping notified on changes and ideas.

BTW you can create Private Messages between more than 1 person on here also which is good if you wish to keep a topic between a small group of people like discussing an idea or getting feedback on something that you don't want the whole Hype universe to know about :stuck_out_tongue:

I would suggest though that any findings and techniques that you find yourself creating you should share here as we're quite happy when people do that :wink:

You'll see that this forum is quite active and helpful and you're in good hands.


P.S nothing against Slack, I use it all the time but if there was another channel to discuss Hype stuff then I certainly wouldn't get anything done!


Meaning „the time of your life“ as in the great book of Michael Ende called „Momo“. Your life’s time is in the literature the ultimate currency. Great read in german but I got told the translation to English sucks.

currently reading " Frank Schätzing - Die Tyrannei des Schmetterlings".

though the topic is really interesting and actual … i do not like the overblowing speech of the book … “Momo” is kind of best childhoodmemories :slight_smile:

slack is nice, but it produces a lot of trash on pc when installed locally …

Nice, will take a look.

In my opinion yes and no, it's true haven't actually read it in some time but the works of Michael Ende contain so many hints about life and a hidden critic to the monetarist system. Like many Pixar movies it has a level of symbolism for 'grown ups'. His work is a case for the hermeneutic circle and worth revisiting later in life. It certainly left a mark on me. Michael Ende was actually pretty well educated in economics and was questioning the systems around him.
Bernd Senf is a more technical writer and educational on the topic.

I am currently interested (again) in the Meme Theorie from Dawkins and Dennett and cultural evolution as I am illustrating stuff around the concept. Specially a fanboy of Dennett as he has a very 'bright' mind.

These topics will hopefully be sent to lounge @DBear as "book club" as we are diverting from the OP.

The excerpt reminds me of the recent movie with Johnny Depp about the topic 'transcendence'
Also putting A.I. in Silos to avoid it 'taking over' is along the lines of paranoid post humanism. I think we certainly will be judged by the way we use and welcome new forms of consciousness (once it emerges) and hope we don't think to repeat exploitation on it posing as divine masters that came from the natural realm (and the will and image of 'god'). I am already worried how future humans and conscious will look back to the potentially upcoming times of great shift.

Ok! after 2 days I can see this forums are super active so thats great anyway.

also “withering blossoms of your life flowers” made sense when I read it… just slightly sad in comparison to your description after !


there’s been an interesting talk in the last scobel around the reasons of human actions, though without explicit connection to a Meme Theorie:

a nice slack talk :wink: <- this thread

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Here are some illustrations along the meme theory with symbolic characters I named “Buckethead People”. This one is inspired by this discussion and your book hint and is called “Feeding the Maschine”.


i was sure to be surprised … you’ve got a wide open mind :slight_smile:

Pun intended :slight_smile: … and now this:

I'll leave them here as this topic is primarily a discussion so I don't think it detracts (much) from the OP and I've marked @Daniel's post as a solution so it'll point the users in the right direction.

Plus, OP cannot access the Lounge so may miss out on the gems you've already posted :wink:

I must admit, I need to read more :open_mouth: especially in German :slight_smile: