Does Hype strip parameters out of URLs?

Hello everyone!

Our client is requesting that we track all pertinent links via Google's Campaign URL Builder:

The issue I am encountering is that if I embed the link built by this tool into a hype button, for example, when I export or preview, the parameters at the end of the URL are stripped.

So, can someone confirm if this by design? and if so, is there a way to circumvent?

Many thanks!!

No, Hype does not do this.

How are you making the button in Hype? Are you just using a Go to URL action?

About the only thing Hype does that is semi-unique in regards to the Go to URL action is that it doesn't use an <a> link and instead uses the = url; method if it set to open in the same window. If it is set to open in a different window it may make and click a fake on-the-fly <a> element or use the API. None of these should/will change the parameters.

Most likely reasons you see arguments being stripped:

  • There's an adblocker somewhere doing this
  • The site itself strips these and changes the URL
  • You're using one of the Safari/mac/iOS betas that will do some amount of stripping. See (first google hit about it):
    Safari 17 Beta: UTM tracking parameters problem

Hi Jonathan! Thanks for the quick reply. So, I have a text block, and used the edit tool (circle with pencil) to add a tag around the words that need to be linked to the URL in question. See attached (had to zip to upload...) (1.5 MB)

Hmm... I don't see any utm tags in that document at all. Maybe they are stripped before being saved?

Would it be possible for you to let me know your exact steps used to create such a link? Perhaps you could provide a screen capture showing your process on a blank document of making one of these buttons with the utm tags, and then doing a preview that doesn't show it? (since the forum has size limits, feel free to upload your video as an unlisted youtube video or share via file sharing site like dropbox). Thanks!

I'll see if I can record something, but here are my steps:

  1. Insert> Text.
  2. Type in what I want.
  3. If I double click on the text, a little circle icon with a pencil appears to let me know I can edit.
  4. Add the A tags around the word I want to hyperlink.
  5. Tada!

So, perhaps the question I should be asking is, what is the correct way to make a URL out of a text, without adding an action to the entire text block?

For example

<a href=""><span style="caret-color: rgb(51, 51, 51); color: rgb(51, 51, 51);">CURRENT: <br>ELECTRIC RESISTANCE</span><br></a>


Yes, exactly. I used the text block just like an html editor. The issue is how to ensure any parameters added to the URL on the HREF field are not stripped. As I mentioned, even if I just preview, the link looks stripped if I hover, and does not have the parameters if I check with the developer tools.

Can you post a code block of what you are entering.

I suspect you have something wrong in the url that is making things get stripped.

It would be useful to know the exact text before and after you do this step (like @MarkHunte mentioned :slight_smile:)

When you say "Tada!" it is a little ambiguous if you mean this works or this does not work! :sweat_smile: I'm guessing you mean it does not work with these steps?

The general way would be to add an Action via the Actions Inspector On Mouse Click to "Go to URL…". If you're looking for an actual text link though, what you're doing is the right process.

Bear with me gentlemen - here's a recording!

That vid is private.

We understand what you are doing in the sense of adding to the innerHTML.

We do not need a video. We just need to see the text/code/url you are putting in.

You can post that similar to what I did above.

Just paste the code block in a post, select it all and click the code button in the post tool menu.

which will allow it to be displayed in a post as a code text block.

This is word by word what I have on the block: 

A dual fuel heat pump could work in conjuction with the propane furnace to provide more efficient heating during milder weather, and the propane furnace could take over during the colder weather.
<br><br>Rebates are available through Rocky Mountain Power. <br>Visit <a href=";utm_medium=hype02&amp;utm_campaign=hp2023&amp;utm_id=hpaq"></a> for more info.

Your video shows the link is in the Propane - 04 Scene with the Custom (640px-1024px) layout.

But you appear to be testing in the baseboard-01 scene probably in the largest layout.

Does that scene/layout also have the utm parameters?

(Note that unless you're editing in a symbol that has instances in different scenes/layouts, the content will be different. If you want to preview the particular scene you are working on instead of starting from the start, you can use the option modifier when clicking the preview or hitting command-return)

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I stand corrected, that video does help.
As @jonathan says it looks like you are editing one layout but previewing another layout that may not have the edit done to it yet?

When you do your edit use the Preview Current Layout in Browser

Screenshot 2023-08-10 at 06.09.29

Does that work

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Oh! This was the answer. This project had separate layouts for responsiveness. For some reason, I thought making the change on one of the layouts would affect all others, but its not the case.

Here's the lesson: If you have multiple layouts (mobile, tablet, desktop, etc.), any changes have to be made on ALL of the layouts.

Thank you so much, @jonathan and @MarkHunte for helping me out!

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Or use Hype Data Magic or Hype Reactive Content to bind the inner HTML to a variable :wink:

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@MaxZieb Ohhh! That sounds cool. Can I ask if you have experience embedding hype files that use Hype Reactive into WordPress? I found that I can only embed them via iFrame... Maybe I am doing something wrong?

To integrate it properly with WordPress due to the way the plugin handles the HTML head, you'd need to use an iFrame. There are alternatives such as the "add to head" method or utilizing a snippets manager to add the dependency. Additionally, there's an upcoming "HypePress" plugin that addresses this. I'm considering releasing it when I can. Meanwhile, the other methods mentioned should serve your purpose.