Does Hype Pro replace Hype 3?


I’m in the middle of a huge project, and I’m using Hype 3. I am also anxious to upgrade to Hype Pro, but I don’t want to switch software versions in the middle of this project because I would rather finish it in Hype 3 and then just play around with Hype Pro.

Can Hype Pro coexist with Hype 3 or should I wait until this project is done before making such a major upgrade.


Hype Pro is basically an unlock for additional features in Hype 3.

(Warren Adams-Ockrassa) #3

What @Photics said. There’s a moment when Heaven falls silent, the UI colors phase from grey to black, and then you’re in. No conflicts, no changing horses in midstream. It’s actually a nifty little bit of visual engineering on the part of the Hype team.


One thing to note: Documents edited in Hype 3 Pro cannot be modified or exported in Hype 3, so if you run your Hype 3 documents in the Hype Pro trial, make sure you have a backup of them first (that is, if you might not spring for the Pro upgrade)


Thanks so much. I can make the leap with as much confidence as I can muster, which isn’t always a huge amount, but at least I won’t panic and pass out.