Does Hype have color profile?

Hi guys,

I'm buildings animations for newletters (animated gif) and the colors from my animation tends to shift from my other images included in my layout that has the same color in it. Is there a preferences in Hype for color space (sRGB, LAB, ...)?

You may have better luck exporting as an MP4, and then dropping that MP4 into a tool like Gifski:

It would be great to get your sample document so we can see where our gif exporter is falling short. For a few more suggestions in GIF exporting, check out:

Hi Daniel, wow thanks for this really quick response! I wasn't thinking on a friday that I would get an answer!

If you don't understand me, let me know. English isn't my main language, french is easier for me.

Here are 2 of the assets that I have. The yellow is slightly different from one to the other. It shouldn't. For the animated GIF, it is : 250/214/110 or #fad66e and for the call to action underneath is 249/214/110 or f9d66e. I know, it's really not that much. But I'll try to generate a new example where the difference is bigger and more obvious.

Thanks for your help


Can you try this and let me know if you it resolves the color difference?

Here's an example I've just built. It's even more obvious.
3stripes_statics (13,2 Ko)

I've launch the Terminal command. I restart Hype and try export again?

:+1: That should give you the older export engine, yup

My god, the différence is HUGE!!!

Thanks again for your help!

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