DODGE - Very simple game

As you may know I really love one button games, thats why I have a one button site, you just click the screen to navigate, experiment and play. I'm not an expert in HTML5 (I know how to do animations and buttons, create variables and random numbers)but I made this demo some time ago playing with variables and movement to create my own hit detection and last week I decided to make it a game, very simple, but for me is big goal.

I'll explain, you have a random number that tell the balls to pick a place to fall, that generate a variable, and the character is just an animation that moves side to side with a single button and creates a variable depending on the line is walking on, and if the 2 variables meet you have a hit.

Is very simple game, but I'm so proud of it, I'm still learning and this will be awesome.


And if you are interested, check my one button site that I'm making as an inclusive free site, still in BETA but I'm working on it.



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Once I realized I need to collect the rectangles I had a lot more fun with it!

I'd say there's two improvements that might make it better:

  • make there be a minimum distance apart a new box regenerates, so I definitely have to travel a bit (sometimes it would regenerate where I was!)
  • Maybe change the sound effect or play music that has a beat that goes along with the drops


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