Document Version Incompatibility

Hi everyone,
i built a website with the 3.0.2 version of Hype on my Macbook…last week i decided to download the trial of the last version (3.5.1) as a separate app, to test all the new features.

I started working some of my files with the new version and now, as i try to open one of these files with the older version of Hype i receive this error:

“Document Version Incompatibility - The document you are trying to open was created with a new version of Hype and cannot be displayed”

Can i do something to open these files again with my 3.0.2 version?
I’m not sure i want to upgrade to the new version yet…

Thanks in advance

The upgrade process is one way. If you have an export from 3.0.2, you can restore a 3.0.2-compatible version by selecting Help > Restore document from Export.

What’s the hold up :slight_smile: ?

if i try the restore from the export as you suggested, but i receive this error:

“The file “379AF2-restorable.plist” couldn’t be open because there is no such file.”

i’ll try to restore from time machine the older hype files.

i’m having some troubles with some buttons on the new version…i’m trying to work it out and understand if it’s a bug or not, if i need help i’ll ask you another question!

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Hi Andrea @andrea.galli82,

Hope you’ve found it using time machine. Just to clarify something. Your old project (when / if you exported it) should contain a " *-restorable.plist" file in the .hyperesources folder. Have a look for the exported files when you created the website. This is what you can use to restore (using Help>Restore document from Export in Hype 3.0.2). If you don’t have a .plist file then paddle, name of creek, up, without a … you get the picture :slight_smile: also, probably doesn’t need to be said but, if you are gonna work on something old with a new version of the software I would use a copy. :slight_smile: